FAQs about legacy plan restrictions

Free and Plus plan accounts registered before November 27, 2019 are considered legacy plans. The Legacy Free plan was replaced by our updated Free plan, and the Legacy Plus plan was replaced by our Pro plan

Are there any restrictions for legacy plans? 

Only other legacy users can be added to a legacy space, which means accounts that registered for Cacoo after November 27, 2019 can’t be added as collaborators to legacy folders or diagrams.

How can I share diagrams with non-legacy users?

There are two ways to work around legacy plan restrictions:

  1. Share diagrams via public link. Enable the public link setting for your diagram to share it with anyone. 
  2. Switch plans. Collaborate with non-legacy Cacoo users by switching to the Team or updated Free plan. For Legacy Plus plan users, this can be done before or after your subscription ends.

How can I upgrade to the Pro or Team plan?

Legacy Free and Legacy Plus plans can be upgraded to our Pro or Team plan. When you upgrade:

  • Your personal space is migrated and replaced with a new organization. 
  • All your owned folders and diagrams are migrated to your new organization.
  • Sharing settings aren’t migrated, so existing collaborators need to be reinvited to your organization to regain access to shared diagrams and folders. To regain access to diagrams and folders shared with you, ask the owners to reshare them via public link.

Good to know

Remove all collaborators from private and shared folders before upgrading. Otherwise, your diagrams won’t be migrated and will remain in the legacy space.

Learn more about upgrading to our multi-user Team plan or single-user Pro plan.

How can I update my Legacy Free plan?

You can update your plan in a few steps. Compare features before permanently updating your plan.

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