Multi-user plans

Cacoo offers four multi-user plans: 

  • New Free plan: for users to try out Cacoo, with some limitations
  • Team plan: for professional teams, with full Cacoo features
  • Education plan: a discounted plan for teachers and students
  • Enterprise plan: for professional teams that wish to install Cacoo on their in-house server, with full control over the files and security settings. 

Below is a quick comparison of each plan:


*1 Free Plan

Team & Education plan

Enterprise plan

Number of users


Up to 1000

Up to 2000

Number of Sheets




Shared folders




Personal space


*2 Only available to the legacy plan


Diagram video chat 

Up to 3 users

Up to 5 users


Exporting file type

PNG only


Diagram activity per diagram

Up to 50

Up to 200

Up to 200

File upload size

Up to 500kb


*3 10MB

Version history



*1 Free Plan - refers to users who signed up for the Free plan after 27/11/2019. To compare the legacy and new Free plan, please refer here.
*2 Personal Space - personal space is only available for legacy Team or Education plan users who registered their account before 27/11/2019.
*3 By default, the size limit is 10MB, but Enterprise customers can configure the limit to any size. 

Upgrade process

Plan admins can upgrade the Space to the paid account before the trial period ends. To upgrade:

  1. Go to the organization icon on top of the global navigation and select Settings. On the Plan page, select Upgrade.

  2. Select your payment cycle (yearly/monthly) and user tiers. To confirm, select Upgrade now.

  3. On the Plan Upgrade page, input your credit card details and billing information. Click Submit payment to proceed with the upgrade.

Did you know?

  • Only users with the plan admin privileges have the access/authority to manage the plan. 
  • Once you have upgraded your plan, you can start to use the upgraded plan immediately, and the fee difference will be charged to your credit card. 
  • If you are downgrading your plan, the downgrade will be applied at the start of your next contract term. 
  • Paid plans cannot be downgraded to Free plans. 

To learn more about upgrading, changing, or downgrading your plan, refer to the Upgrade and change plan support article. 

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