Legacy vs updated Free plan

As of 27/11/2019, we updated our Free plan to enable users to collaborate with unlimited members in Cacoo. If you registered your account before that date, your plan falls under the Legacy Free Plan category. A detailed comparison between the legacy and updated free plan is shown below.

Legacy Free Plan vs Updated Free Plan


Legacy Free Plan

Updated Free Plan

Number of users






Shared Folder


Collaborators in shared folder



Share diagrams via Home/private folder

15 collaborators per diagram

Unlimited collaborators for Home; not available for private folder

Personal space


Not available

Diagram video chat

Not available

Up to 3 users

Exporting file type

PNG only

Importing file type

PNG, SVG, Visio (.vsd and .vdx)

File upload size

Up to 500 kb

Version history

Not available

How to migrate to the latest Free plan

You can migrate your legacy Free plan to the updated Free plan following the steps below. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Cacoo Pro or Team plan at any time.

  1. Click HERE for the migration. 
  2. It will redirect you to the migration confirmation page in Cacoo. Select the Migrate Now button.
  3. Once the process is completed, an organization will be created in your Cacoo account.

Important notes

  • The new Free plan has limited exporting and sharing options.
  • The migration process will only migrate diagrams owned by the migrator. 
  • When the migration is successful, your legacy space diagrams will be migrated to the new space.
  • The migration function will not transfer your sharing settings to the new Free plan
    - If you wish to continue to share your diagrams and folders with the previous users, please re-invite the collaborators to your organization after the migration is completed.
    - If a legacy user has previously shared a diagram or folder with you, please ask the user to re-share them via a public link after your migration. 
  • With the updated Free plan, you will have the option to upgrade to either Pro or Team plan. Note that if you decide to terminate Cacoo paid services, it cannot be reverted back to the Free plan.
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