Setting up add issue via email

To add issues via email, the administrator or project administrator needs to create and generate the registrant’s email address for authorizing the issue via email in the project settings. 

To learn more about add issues via email function, refer to the Add issues via email support article.

Add an email address authorized to add issues

To add an email address authorized to add issues: 

  1. Go to the Project Settings > Integrations > select Settings on the Add issue via Email section. 
  2. On the Add issue via email settings page, select Add an Email Address Authorized to Add issues
  3. Configure your issue settings and select Submit to save it. 

To set up issue content and security, refer to the Manage and preset issue details topic below. 

Did you know?

Only administrators or project administrators have access to the project settings. 

Manage and preset issue details

After adding a registrant’s email address, you can manage and preset the issue details and security settings. It has divided into three sections. 

Email address for new registrants

In this section, an email address has been issued. You can copy the registrant’s email address and provide a name for this setup. 

  • Email address
    Manually copy or select the “copy” icon to copy the email address.

  • Description name (required)
    Set a name for the integration such as this setting is for Support Inquiry Form or Job Application. 

Issue Content

In this section, you can preset the issue details to be registered into your Backlog project. 

  • Issue Subject (required)
    - “Use Email Subject” option to register the email subject created by the senders as the issue subject.
    - “Custom Subject” option is to create a custom subject or use certain converted characters to embed certain email information to be registered in the issue subject.
    Example: Support inquiry - $subject($from)

    Conversion character

    Converted content


    Email subject


    Sender’s email address


    Reply-to address

  • Registered by (required)
    - “Set selected user as issue adder” option to set a project member as issue registrant.
    - “Detect user from sender’s email address (From:)” option automatically detects the sender’s email address with the registered project member’s email address and updates the user as issue registrant.
    Note: Only member’s on the project can add issues via email.
  • Priority / Issue Type (required)
    Preset the priority and issue type
  • Category / Version / Milestone
    Preset one/multiple category, version or milestone.
  • Assignee
    Preset a specific assignee to work on the issue.

  • Due Date / Start Date
    - “Do not set” option to not set any due or start date.
    - “Set the date which is __ days after the issue has been added” option to preset the start or due date after the number of days. 

  • Estimated Hours / Actual Hours
    Preset the estimated and actual hours required for the issue.

  • Notify
    Preset the users who need to be notified when the issue is added. 

Useful tip!

If you have created custom fields within the project, you can further preset the custom field on the issue content section.


You can configure the filter settings and set the escape characters to exclude the issue registration into the project.  

  • Filter Irrelevant Emails
    Select “Do not add issue when email subject begins with "Re:”” to exclude adding the issue when receiving the email with the subject begins with the “Re:.”
  • Escape Characters
    Add in any character that you wish to escape. The issue will not be added to the project when the email subject, email body, sender’s or receiver’s email address, or reply-to address contains the escape characters.

Copy and reissue email address

After you have registered the settings, you can copy or reissue the email address to refresh your email address.

Copy registration’s email address

You can copy the issued registrant’s email address on the settings page by selecting the Copy icon beside the email address.

Reissue email address

For some security reason, you can reissue your email address from the registered settings. The reissue email address will replace the old registered email address.

To reissue a new email address, select the registrant’s email address > select Reissue email address on the email address settings section. A confirmation window will prompt, select OK > Submit to apply the changes. 

Did you know?

  • Once you perform “Reissue email address”, the previous email address will not be valid. If you have registered the email address in your mailing system, please re-update to the new email address.  
  • Please do not publish the issued email address to any third party to prevent receiving spam emails or issue creation. 

Delete registrant’s email address

When the add issue via email function is no longer in use, you can delete the registrant’s email address on the settings page. To delete the registrant’s email address, on the settings page, select X button

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