Manage email notification

You can choose to get emails from Backlog about project updates including new issues or comments.

Your email settings include overall settings and project-specific settings. To manage your email settings, click on your profile icon on the global navigation > Personal Settings > Email Settings.

Overall email settings

To get email notifications from Backlog, select Notifications and reports.

You can further customise this setting with: 

  • Weekly reports
    Get weekly reports about your issues and milestones due soon, completed issues, and stars received.

  • Advanced settings
    Get your emails in HTML or plain text format.

Did you know?

  • If an email can’t be delivered because the email address is incorrect, Backlog will automatically turn off the "Notifications and reports" option. Be sure to enter the correct email address.
  • Administrators can enable or disable users’ email settings from the Space Settings. This will overwrite the user’s personal email settings.
  • If you’re an English-language user, the mail encoding setting is automatically set to UTF-8.

Project-specific email settings

You can further customise the type of updates you get on a project basis. For example, you can select to get email notifications from a particular project and for specific types of updates.

Selecting "Get emails for all updates that mention me" means you’ll only get notifications if you’re mentioned or notified in an issue.

To set up project-specific notifications: 

  • Select “Specify by activity or project” under “Project preferences.”
  • Find and add projects.
  • Select the notifications you want to get.

Projects not listed in the table will automatically follow whatever settings are under General Email Notifications.

Did you know?

  • Project-specific email settings can only be set if “Notifications and reports” is selected.
  • The content of email notifications is determined by your organization’s email security settings. If you see “Details shown in project emails are determined by your space's security settings." beneath the table, it means details will be hidden in all email notifications, and you’ll need to log into Backlog to see full details. 

About General Email Notifications

All updates that mention me means you’ll get emails anytime you’re mentioned or notified in an issue even if you’ve turned off:

  • When issues are updated, added, completed, or assigned to me
  • New comments

When issues are updated, added, completed, or assigned to me means you’ll get emails any time:

  • An issue is added
  • An issue is closed
  • An issue is assigned to you
  • Multiple issues are updated

New comments means you’ll get emails any time a new comment is added to an issue within your projects.

Send emails for allows you to specify the issue-related notifications you want to get:

  • All issues: Get emails for all issues.
  • Created by & assigned to me: Get emails for issues you create and that are assigned to you.
  • Assigned to me: Get emails for issues assigned to you.
  • Created by me: Get emails for issues you create.

New or updated wiki means you’ll get emails any time:

  • A Wiki is added
  • A Wiki is updated

To get the above emails, you need to select “Send mail notification when created” when adding or updating a Wiki.

Git and subversion updates means you’ll get emails:

  • For every Git and Subversion push or commit
  • When a pull request is added, updated, or gets a new comment

You can also use this feature for projects by selecting “Create repository on Backlog” in the Subversion settings.

Project Reports means you’ll get daily emails that include the issues due for the day, issues that are past due, and stars awarded to you.

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