Git overview

Git is the world’s most popular distributed version control system, and developers commonly use it to efficiently manage source code.

Version control helps the team keep track of the change history of files and work concurrently on code using the branching and merging functions. What’s more, they can link code updates to issues in the project. 

To learn more about Git in general, please check out the Backlog Git Tutorial.

How to enable Git 

To enable Git on Backlog, go to Project Settings > Git, click on Enable Git on this project, and the Git tab option will be available in the Project menu.

Unlike the Subversion repository, you can create multiple Git repositories for each project.

How to access Backlog Git repository

When Git is enabled in the project, members and guests can access the project’s git repositories by clicking Git at the project sidebar menu.

The Git repository browser is available here. For more information, see the Git page support article.

To access the Git repositories via SSH or HTTPS, the typical URLs are:


https://[Space ID][Project key]/[Repository name].git



[Space ID]@[Space ID][Project key]/[Repository name].git


Access Git via HTTPS 

For HTTPS connections, you can access the repository using your Backlog ID (login email) and login password. 

If you have enabled 2FA (two-factor authentication), you will need to enter the special password generated in your Backlog personal settings.

Access Git via SSH

For SSH connections, you will need to generate an SSH public key and register it in your  Backlog personal settings. Please refer to the Register SSH public key support article.

Did you know?

  • You cannot access the HTTPS URL from the browser.
  • If the member or guest has been further restricted to “Add issues only” or “View only,” they will not have access to the git repositories.
  • Only project administrators can Manage Git settings for the project.
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