Git page

The Git page is where members and guests can view the list of repositories in the project, and also view recent updates.

To go to the Git page, click Git at the project sidebar menu. 


The list of all the repositories in the Project is shown on the Git page. 

  • Copy git repository URL
    To copy the git repository URL, select SSH or HTTPS access from the dropdown menu and click on the Clipboard icon.

  • Add repository
    Click on + to add a new repository. Only project administrators can add/create repositories.

  • Search for repositories
    Click on the Magnifying glass icon to filter the list of repositories by keywords.

Recent updates

Git-related updates, such as push commits by other members, newly added repositories, and new branches will be shown in chronological order. 

From here, you can easily access the details of recent Git operations.

Display names for updates

The name displayed for Git commit updates in Backlog is determined by the following order:

  • if the name or email address of the commit author is the same as the Backlog user, the Backlog user's name will be shown.
  • Else, the name of the user who pushed the commit will be shown.

In cases when the commit authors are not users on Backlog, (e.g. commits are moved from another repository) the display name would be the Backlog user who moved/pushed the commits into the Backlog repository. 

To avoid displaying incorrect author names, we recommend setting your Backlog username and email address in your local computer’s git config settings:

$ git config --global <your name>
$ git config --global <your email address>

Git Repository Browser

You can browse the repositories in your project using your browser, by clicking on the repository name.

  1. For each repository, you can view the Files, Commits history, Branches, Tags, Pull requests, and Network chart (a.k.a. Git graph) using the navigation tabs.
  2. Within the Files, Commits, and Network tabs, you can also use the dropdown menu to switch branches and tags, or perform a search. 

File differences

The repository browser allows you to compare different versions of updated files. It is similar to the “diff file” terminal command.

Here’s how to view the file differences:

  1. At the Files tab, select a branch, and click on the updated file for comparison. 
  2. At the dropdown menus, select the previous and recent commits of the file, and click on Show differences.

Added parts will be highlighted in green. Deleted parts will be highlighted in pink.

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