Update and edit issues

After the issue is registered, users can update the issue, such as issue status, assignee, start and due date, etc. 

Update via the comment section

Users can update some issue attributes from the comment function. Attributes that can be updated from the comment function: 

  • Comment & notification
    Add updates and notify the update to the relevant team members.

  • Status
    You can update the issue status. Each issue can be set to one status only.
  • Assignee
    You can change the assignee to yourself or assign the issue to another member.

    Did you know?

    Each issue can only be assigned to 1 assignee

  • Start and Due date
    Update the start and due date of the issue.

  • Est/Act – estimated and actual hour
    You can enter the estimated hour required to complete the issue and the actual hour spent to complete the issue.

    Did you know?

    Est/Act attribute will only be available when the chart setting has been enabled in the project settings.

  • Milestone
    Group the issue into a milestone to keep track of the release plan.
  • Resolution
    Update the resolution attributes based on the issue update.

Edit issue

Changes and updates can be done in more detail when you edit the issue. To edit an issue, select the Edit button on the registered issue page. After updating the issue details, click Save to apply the changes. 

Did you know?

Only members with no restrictions permission can edit the issue. If the administrator has set restrictions on the specific member, the member is not allowed to edit the issue. 

Keep track of the changes or updates made within the issue

All the changes and updates made within the issue will be captured and reflected in the comment section. 

It will capture who made the changes with the date and time. More change details will be listed, such as attributes that the user has updated or any content has been modified. To further review the modified content, click on the Contents of changes link.

Delete issue

To delete an issue, on the registered issue page, click on the “...” button and select Delete.

Did you know?

Only administrators and project administrators can delete an issue.
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