Add issues and subtasks

After a project is created and you have invited users to a project, they can now start adding issues in the project and collaborate further with other members or teams. 

In Backlog, you can create issues and subtask. To learn more about the issue structure in Backlog, refer to the Issue overview support article. 

Adding an issue

To add an issue to a project, select + Add Issue on the project sidebar menu. It will bring you to the add issue registration page. Input information into the relevant fields and click Add to add the issue. 

Did you know?

The issue’s “Subject” is the minimum required field to be filled before registering an issue. 

Issue template

If the administrator has created an issue template that tied to a specific issue type, members can have the issue’s subject and the description to be pre-filled when creating a new issue under the issue type. This ease up the process for the members creating similar issues repeatedly or template guidance for them to filled up the issue content. 

To learn more about how to create an issue template, refer to the Customize issue types and template support article. 

Did you know?

Issue template function only available to the Standard plan and above. 

Adding subtask or parent issue

Regular issues are standalone by default, but you can link two-issues by assigning them as parent-child issues. Project administrator or administrator can enable subtask function on the project settings page.  

Did you know?

  • Subtask function only available from the Starter plan and above. 
  • You can only link a standalone issue to a subtask. If the issue is a subtask of its own, you cannot convert or move it to another parent issue. You need to change the subtask to a standalone issue and only assign it to the new parent issue. 
  • You can only add or link parent and subtask within the same project. 

There are 2 ways of creating subtasks. 

On the issue registration page

On the issue registration or edit issue page:

  1. Select Add Parent Issue
  2. Enter the issue key or Browse and select the existing standalone issues from the issues list. 

Via Subtasking section on the issue page

On the registered issue page, you can add a new subtask or add an existing issue to the current issue. Go to the subtasking section: 

  1. Select +.
  2. Select Add new child issue to add a new child issue.
    Or, select Add existing issue to link existing standalone issue as a subtask.  

Remove/unlinked a subtask from a parent task

To remove a subtask or unlinked a subtask from a parent task, go to the subtask > select edit > select X beside the parent issue key > click Save

Closing a parent issue

When you change the parent issue’s status to “Closed” while the subtasks still in the in-progress status or not a Closed status, a dialog will prompt with the option below.

  • Close all issues
    Selecting this will update all subtasks including parent issue to “Closed” status.
  • Close only parent issue
    Selecting this will only close the parent issue without affecting the subtasks’ status. 

Duplicate issue

If you are creating a similar issue, you can copy and an existing issue within the same project. To duplicate an issue, go to more menu icon (...) on the top right of the registered issue page and select Duplicate. You will be automatically redirected to the issue registration page where every field will be filled in with the information from the copied issue. 

Did you know?

You can only duplicate the issue within the same project. 
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