General space settings

Space Settings shows information about your Backlog general space settings, user and team settings, all projects, and your subscriptions. It is different from Organization Settings which centralizes your organization profile and members across all your Nulab cloud products subscriptions. 

To learn more about Organization Settings, refer to the Organization & Members support page. 

Did you know?

Only administrators have access to the Space settings.

General settings

To access the Space Settings, go to the Global Navigation > Select your Profile icon > Space Settings

There are six general settings that can be managed in the Space Settings.

Editing your space (New plan)

On this page, you can view your Space name and logo, and set your Space formatting rules as “Markdown” or “Backlog”. To edit your Space name and logo, click on Manage Organization on Nulab Apps and it will direct you to the Organization Settings page. 

Editing your space (Legacy plan)

If you are using Backlog Legacy plan, you can manage:

  • Space name and logo
    You can directly update your Space name and Space logo on the Space Settings page. For Space logo, you can use the default logo or upload your own.

    Useful tip!

    The optimal image size is 60x60 pixels. If the uploaded image size is larger than the optimal file size, it will shrink to 60x60 pixels.

  • Space owner
    If you are the current Space owner, you can hand over the Space ownership to another user.

    Did you know?

    By assigning a new Space owner, you will lose the Space owner privilege.

  • Nulab Account
    By permitting the Nulab Account log in, users in the Space can log in with their Nulab accounts.
    To learn more about Nulab Account, refer to the Overview of Nulab Account support article.

  • Formatting rules
    You can set the Space formatting rules to “Markdown” or “Backlog”. 

To learn how to differentiate between New plan and Classic plan, refer to the New plan vs Legacy plan support article. 

Language and time

You can set your Backlog Space language and timezone.

Useful tip!

  • The language chosen in the user’s Profile Settings will supersede the language set in the Backlog Space Settings. 
  • The issue due dates are based on the timezone set in the Space Settings instead of the user’s settings.

Disk usage

You can check how much storage usage is used for each Project by clicking Show Project Details. The breakdown of the disk usage by each project are:

  • Total attachments size in Issues
  • Total attachments size in Wiki
  • Total files size
  • Subversion
  • Git 
  • Git LFS
  • Total attachments in Pull requests
  • Total usage in each project and total usage rate (%)

If you max out your plan’s storage within your Space, you are unable to perform the following actions:

  • Attach files to Issues, Wikis and Pull requests
  • Add files
  • Commit or push in Subversion or Git

Did you know?

A notification will prompt on the administrator’s dashboard if the storage used is over 80% of the total storage. We advise you to consider upgrading your plan, removing some of the large files, or deleting completed projects to free up storage space. 

Access Control

The administrator can enforce two-factor authentication for users to log in to the Space and set IP addresses allowed to access the Space according to the organization’s security policies. 

Did you know?

The IP address restrictions feature is available in the Standard plan and above, and the forced two-factor authentication login feature is available only in the Premium plan. 

To learn more about managing the access control settings, refer to the Manage space access control support article.

Email settings

You can set the time for Backlog to send out the report emails. 

Email security settings can be further managed on the Organization settings page. This setting allows the organization to show or hide the content of the email notifications, and applies to all organization members and Nulab products. To manage this setting, select the Organization settings on the Nulab Apps button, and it will navigate you to the email security settings page.


On the information page, the administrator can create a Space announcement or notice to be displayed on the Backlog dashboard. Once you have input the information, click on Submit, the announcement will be posted on the Dashboard and is visible to all members within the Space. 

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