Add shapes

Cacoo offers various types of shapes, and you can quickly locate them from the Shapes menu and library. 

Add basic shapes

You can quickly access all the basic shapes (e.g., circle, square, triangle, etc.) from the tool menu. To select and add a basic shape: 

  1. Click on the basic shapes button from the tool menu.
  2. A basic shapes selection menu will prompt. Locate the shape that you want to add and drag and drop it onto the sheet. 

Useful tip!

You can further edit the shapes. Just select the shape and edit them using the editor menu. You can learn more about the editing functions from the Edit Diagrams articles

Switch to other basic shapes

After adding a basic shape on the sheet, you can easily switch it to another basic shape while keeping its style. To switch the basic shape: 

  1. Select the added basic shape you want to switch and click Switch shape from the editor menu.
  2. A basic shape menu selection will prompt, select the shape that you wish to switch to. 

Did you know?

When you switch the basic shape to the braces { }, the shape’s color and line style will be reset to the default settings. 


Add more shapes

You can create custom shapes and save them in the library for later use. Besides basic shapes, you can also find specialized shapes such as flowcharts and wireframes in the shapes library, as well as additional icons such as AWS and Azure icons.

Click "More shapes" in the shape panel to access the full library.

To learn more, refer to the More icons and shapes library support article.

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