Cacoo 101: Menus

When you have a diagram open, you’ll have access to various menus that allow you to edit, collaborate, export, and more. 

In this overview, we’ll go over the main diagram menus:

  1. Top navigation
  2. Tool menu
  3. Editor menu
  4. Panel menu
  5. Properties menu

Top navigation

Located at the top of your diagram, the top navigation is where you can:

  • Access your dashboard by selecting “< Dashboard” at the top left.
  • Move your diagram to a different folder.
  • Name or rename your diagram.
  • See diagram info, change your diagram type, and duplicate, rename, or favorite your diagram by selecting the arrow next to the diagram name. 
  • Hide or show collaborators’ cursors.
  • Share your diagram by adding collaborators or creating a public link, image link, or embed code to send to others.
  • Present your diagram.
  • Export or print your diagram. If you’re using locally installed fonts, “Print to PDF” instead of exporting.

Good to know

Exporting and sharing options with the Free plan are limited. Learn more about paid plan features.

Tool menu

The tool menu on the left side of your diagram is where you can:

  • Select objects to resize, move, or delete them.
  • Search and apply templates.
  • Add basic shapes or search our extensive shapes library for flowcharts, wireframes, Azure icons, and more.
  • Search and add icons. 
  • Add text. 
  • Add lines. 

  • Draw freehand using the pencil.
  • Add sticky notes.
  • Add tables.
  • Search, add, and customize charts.
  • Import images from your computer or third-party apps including Google Drive and Box.
  • Add and view comments. 

Editor menu

The editor menu opens when you select any object in your diagram and allows you to customize its color, style, and more.

  • Fill
  • Line style
  • Shadow
  • Stacking order
  • Styles

The text editor opens any time you select a text box or the text icon in the editor menu. From the text editor, you can:

  • Format text
  • Link text
  • Align text

The editor menu and text editor both have an expanded menu with additional options including grouping and ungrouping objects and image export.

Panel menu

The panel menu in the top right corner of your diagram lets you:

  • Add, preview, and manage sheets including changing the sheet order and renaming, duplicating, sharing, and deleting sheets. You can also use a sheet as the background for other sheets in your diagram.

Good to know

Updates to the background sheet are applied to all sheets where the background sheet appears.

  • View and manage comments. 
  • Start or join a video chat. 
  • Chat in real-time with others in the diagram.
  • Adjust your settings including changing the sheet size or background color and adding a grid.

Properties menu

On the bottom right of your diagram, the properties menu allows you to:

  • Undo or redo your last action.
  • Zoom in or out.
  • See version history and save different versions.

Good to know

Version history is only available with paid plans. Learn more about paid plan features.

  • See diagram activity by date, collaborator, and time.
  • Access support content, tutorials, shortcuts, what’s new, and the Nulab community. You can also live chat, contact Nulab, give feedback, and clear cached data.
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