How to manage billing details

Admins and members with plan admin privileges can manage billing details and access quotes, invoices, and receipts.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to:

  • Access your billing details
  • View and download quotes, invoices, and receipts
  • Edit your contractor and billing addresses
  • Edit your invoice details

Access your billing details

To access your billing details:

  • Select your organization icon in the global navigation.
  • Select “Organization settings.”
  • Select the “Plans” tab at the top.

View and download quotes, invoices, and receipts

The “Payments” section of the “Plans”  tab includes information about failed, overdue, pending, upcoming, and past payments. Select “See all payments” to view and download:

  • Quotes: Available 90 days before billing.
  • Invoices: Available for bank transfer payments 63 days before billing.
  • Receipts: Available for all payment methods.

Receipts are automatically sent to plan admins and any other designated billing recipients based on your billing cycle (monthly or annually).

Edit your contractor and billing addresses

Your plan details include a contractor address and a billing address. If you haven’t designated a billing address, the contractor address will be used for your receipts.

To update either address:

  • Contractor address: Select “Edit” next to “Contractor address”
  • Billing address: Scroll down and uncheck “Same as contractor address”


Edit your invoice details

You can edit your invoices and add notes such as tax ID information.

  • For the invoice notes, select “Edit” next to “Notes.”

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