How to upgrade or change your plan

Admins and members with plan admin privileges can manage plans and billing. To add a plan admin, go to Organization settings > Billing, and select “Add” under “Plan admins.”

In this guide, we’ll show you how to:

  • Upgrade your plan
  • Change your plan

Upgrade your plan

You can upgrade your plan during or after your free trial. Before upgrading, note that:

  • Your existing trial period won’t be shortened.
  • An existing trial can’t be changed. Start a new trial to try a different plan.
  • Trials aren’t available when upgrading a Free plan.
  • Organization/space data isn’t deleted when you upgrade.
  • Unlike Backlog and Cacoo, Nulab Pass plans have a user-based pricing structure.

To upgrade your plan:

  • Go to your organization settings.
  • Select the “Plans” tab at the top.

  • Select “Upgrade” under your current plans.
  • Select your plan, billing cycle, and currency.
  • Select “Next.”

  • Fill out your billing details.
  • Select “Next.”

  • Fill in your payment information. 
  • Select “Upgrade from trial/Upgrade plan.”

Change your plan

You can change your plan at any time. Before changing your plan, note that:

  • Downgrading from a paid to a Free plan isn’t available for all products.
  • If you upgrade your plan, it starts and is charged to your credit card that day.
  • If you downgrade your plan, the change takes effect on your next payment date. For example, if you’ve already paid for March, the downgraded plan and new price starts in April.

To change an existing Free or paid plan:

  • Go to your organization settings.
  • Select the “Plans” tab at the top.
  • Select “Change plan” under your current plans.

  • Select the new plan.

  • Select “Next.”
  • Confirm your new plan.
  • Select “Change plan.”

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