Jira importer

We offer Jira Importer, which helps you easily migrate your Jira projects data to Backlog.

Tip: Backlog Migration for Jira is in beta. To avoid issues, create a new project and import data before importing data to the existing project in Backlog. 

Please refer to this page for the full details of the migration guide.


  • Java 8
  • The Backlog Space administrator roles. 

Download and steps

We have provided the jar file link, and steps guide on migrating on this page


Supported JIRA version

Cloud version

We support cloud version.

Server version(Limited)

We support the following versions.

  • 6.3.4

Can not migrate the change logs.
It cannot migrate the status, which it always is in Open status.

Backlog's user roles

This program is for the users with the Space's administrator roles.

Migration project with custom fields

Only applied to max or platinum plan. (Japan plan type)

About Project

  • Text formatting rules: markdown
  • Some changes will be applied to the JIRA's project identifier to meet the project key format in Backlog.

Hyphen → underscore

Single-byte lowercase character → Single-byte uppercase character

About custom fields

  • Versions and users will be registered as lists and will be the fixed values.
  • User will not be converted.
  • Boolean values will be registered in radio button format of "Yes" or "No".
  • The date and time are converted to dates and registered.

About change logs

  • Worklog is not supported. Scheduled for next release.


  • If the space of Backlog is a free plan, it cannot be migrated due to API rate limiting.
  • This tool cannot be used in parallel as it can exceed the API rate limit when run in parallel.


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