Integrate with Slack

Slack integration on Backlog, will allow users to receive updates to Issues in real-time in Slack.

Did you know?

Only administrators or project administrators can set up the integration. 

Setting up the integration

To add the integration, on the project settings, integration page, select Settings on Slack section.

From the integrations list click Add Slack integration and the page for adding a Slack integration is shown.

  1. If it is your first integration, click Add Workspace and go through the authentication with Slack.
  2. Select the Channel you wish to send notifications to.
  3. Select the types of events you want to send notifications for.
  4. Click Add Slack integration to save the integration settings. 

"Language" is the language that the notifications will be sent in. "Description" can be used for describing the integration.

Edit the integration

To edit the integration settings, click on the Edit button from the integrated Slack on the settings page. After editing, click the Save button to apply the changes. If you wish to change the Workspace or Channel, please delete the current integration and create a new one.

Delete the integration

To delete the integrated Slack, on the settings page, select Edit and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Delete button

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