Integrate with Slack

Our integration with Slack on Backlog will allow users to receive updates to issues in real-time in Slack.

Did you know?

Only administrators or project administrators can set up the integration. 

Setting up the integration with Slack

Add integration

To add the integration, on the Project Settings > Integration page, select Settings on the Slack section.

From the integrations list click Add Slack integration.

  1. If it is your first integration, click Add Workspace and go through the authentication with Slack.
  2. Select the channel you wish to send notifications to.
  3. Select the types of events you want to send notifications for.
  4. Click Add Slack integration to save the integration settings. 

Language is the language that the notifications will be sent in. Description can be used for describing the integration.

Edit the integration

To edit the integration settings, click on the Edit button from the integrated Slack on the settings page. After editing, click Save to apply the changes. If you wish to change the workspace or channel, please delete the current integration and create a new one.

Delete the integration

To delete the integrated Slack, on the settings page, select Edit and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Delete.


How to use our integration with Slack

Backlog is integrated with Slack via the Backlog app, and you can perform certain Backlog actions using commands in Slack. In order to use the command, you will need to add the Backlog app to the relevant channel or chat.

The commands you can use with the Backlog app are:



/backlog add

Add a new issue to your project on Backlog

/backlog link

Manage linked Backlog projects or add new linked projects to receive notifications from

/backlog logout

Log out from your account on Backlog

/backlog help

Show a list of available commands

Add issue

There are three methods to add issues from Backlog to Slack. You can use the /backlog add command, the Add issue global shortcut or the Add issue message shortcut. 

When adding an issue, a dialog pops up. Select the project to add the issue to.

Did you know?

If a project's custom fields are set as required, it is not possible to add issues to that project via Slack.

After selecting the project, enter the issue details into the appropriate fields.

After issue details have been entered, select Add Issue. If there are no problems with the input, an issue will be added.

If the issue was added without any problems, a message will be sent from the Backlog app. To edit the issue further, click View issue in Backlog and the issue will be opened in Backlog.

Receiving notifications from Backlog

Use the /backlog link command to link a project from Backlog and start receiving notifications.

To link a new project, select a project from the project selection dropdown. The message will update and the newly linked project will appear in the list.

Unlink a project to stop receiving notifications from it. To unlink a project, click the Unlink button next to the project in the linked project list. The message will be updated and the unlinked project will no longer be shown in the list of linked projects.

Useful tip!

Users can only link projects that they are administrators of. Non-admin users will not see projects on the dropdown.


If the user is required to log in before performing an action, a login message is sent from the app.

Click Login and review the permissions needed to access information in the Slack workspace where the app is being used.

After clicking Allow, select the Backlog space to log in to. Input the required information and click Continue.

The app will ask for permission to access information in the Backlog space one more time. Click Allow to continue. At this point, if the authentication has finished without any problems, a success screen is shown. Authentication is now completed, and the user can close the screen.

After closing the success screen and returning to Slack, a private message from the Backlog app will be sent stating that the login was successful. 


View all commands that the app can handle directly within Slack by using the /backlog help command. The app will respond with all available commands along with an explanation of each of them.

The help message also contains buttons for Add issue and Manage linked project for easy access. It will also contain a link to the Help Center to view this page.

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