Manage password settings

On your personal settings, password settings page, you can enable two-factor authentication for your account or generate a special password to access certain features when two-step authentication has been enabled. 

To access to password settings page, click on your profile icon from the global navigation and select Personal Settings. On the settings page, select the Password tab

Changing password

On the password settings page, there is a Changing password button. To change your account password, click this button and it will navigate you to your Profile settings page. You can change your password on that page. 

Enable two-factor authentication

To turn on two-factor authentication for your own account, click on the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button. It will navigate you to your profile settings page. From there, set up your 2FA.

To learn more about setting up 2FA for your account on the profile settings page, refer to the Set up two-factor authentication support article. 

Generate special passwords

If two-factor authentication has been enabled, some access may be restricted. To access it, you will need to issue a special password to use the following functions. 

  • FIle sharing (WebDAV)
  • File (open in browser)
  • Git (HTTPS)
  • Subversion (HTTPS)
  • RSS

To generate a special password, check on the box to indicate the password applies to which function access. Enter a memo to help you differentiate the password usage and click the Submit button

Login with a special password

To log in to certain functions that require a special password, please enter the following details. 

Username: email address of your registered account
Password: the special password that you generated
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