Cloud-based trial and subscription

Backlog offers cloud plans and a self-hosted Enterprise plan. You can easily start your trial with cloud-hosted plans by following the procedure below and manage your subscriptions on the organization settings page. 

To learn more about managing your plan and subscriptions, refer to the Subscriptions and Billing support page. 

Getting started with a trial

Start your 30-days free trial / Sign up for a Free plan

To start your 30-days free trial or sign up for a Free plan, go to the pricing page, select the plan you would like to start with, and register your account.  

Did you know?

  • The Free plan is free for use without any time limitation unless you terminate the service. 
  • The trial period for Starter, Standard, and Premium is only available for 30 days. Once your trial ends, you can continue using Backlog by upgrading your subscription. 
  • Trial plans are not able to convert or downgrade to Free plan after the trial ends.
  • Features vary based on different plan types. You are not able to switch to other trial plans after you’ve started a trial or Free plan. Please compare the plan features on the pricing page to get started with your desired plan. 

Upgrade from trial or Free plan

Please follow the steps below when you wish to upgrade your current trial or Free plan to a paid subscription. 

  1. To upgrade, select the Upgrade button on the global navigation or manage your plan on the organization settings page
  2. It will redirect you to the organization settings, plan selection page. Select the plan you want to upgrade to, and billing cycle, followed by the  Next button
  3. Enter your billing details and make payment. 

Did you know?

  • We only support credit card payments for global users. The bank transfer payment option is only available for Japan region users only. 
  • Free plan users are unable to upgrade their plan to a trial plan. By selecting upgrade, you are converting to a paid plan. 
  • Paid plans are unable to be downgraded to the Free plan. 

Manage your billing and invoice

To view your billing details and download invoices, you can go to the organization settings, plan page. You can learn more about viewing and downloading invoices here

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