Backlog text formatting rules

Backlog supports 2 different formatting rules – Markdown and Backlog formatting rules. 

In this article, we will show the Backlog formatting rules. 

List of Backlog formattings rules

Below are the common Backlog formatting rules that can be used on your issue and wiki page.

Other Backlog formatting supported on the Issue page only

Below is the Backlog formatting rule that is different compared to the wiki Backlog formatting rules. 

Did you know?

Checklist formatting is only available on the issue description. Comment and Wiki are not supported with the checklist formatting. 

Other Backlog formatting supported on the Wiki page only

Below are the additional Backlog formatting rules available on the Wiki page only. 

Check out formatting rules when editing

When editing the issue or wiki, you can easily check out the formatting rules by clicking on the ? icon from the issue page or click on the more… link from the wiki formatting rules section. 

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