Create and edit wiki page

Create a wiki page

To create a wiki page, click on the + (New) button on any wiki page. This will open the new page form.

  1. The Page Name and Content are required fields and cannot be left blank. You can style and format text easily with the wiki content editor. To learn about using it and the formatting rules, see the Wiki editor and formatting rules support article.
  2. To attach images or files to the wiki page, drag and drop them to the Attach File field or click the Select File(s)... button. To learn about displaying images and linking to shared files, see the Attach files and images to wiki support article.
  3. Select Preview to preview the created page, or Submit to create the page.

Useful tip!

  • A table of contents is automatically generated for each wiki page based on the formatted text headers in the content. 
  • To add wiki tags or branched/nested pages, see the Using wiki tags and tree view support article.
  • Send email notifications to project members about the new page by checking the box for Send mail notification when created. For more information, see the Wiki notifications section below.

Edit or duplicate a wiki page

  1. Click on the Edit button to edit an existing wiki page.
  2. To duplicate an existing wiki page, click on the page menu button and select Duplicate. This will copy the contents of the existing page into a new page editor where you can edit according to your needs.

Useful tip!

Duplicate wiki page is only available to duplicate the page within the project only. If you wish to duplicate the wiki content to another project’s wiki, you will need to manually copy and paste the content. 

Delete a wiki page

To delete an existing wiki page, click on Edit to open the page in the editor. Then, click on Delete this page. 

A popup dialog will prompt you to confirm the action, select OK to confirm

Did you know?

Deleted wiki pages cannot be restored. The action is irreversible.

Wiki notifications

Project members can receive email notifications whenever a wiki page is created or edited.

To send email notifications, check the box for Notify by mail when created or Notify by mail when updated when submitting your new or edited wiki page.

Did you know?

Members need to have enabled email notifications for the project in their Backlog Space personal settings, in order to receive notifications about wiki page additions and updates.
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