Wiki overview

Wiki allows everyone in the project to easily create pages for sharing information online within the project. You don’t need special software to create or edit wiki pages, just simply use the web browser. What’s more, you can attach images and links to wiki, such as links to shared files, wiki pages, Backlog issues, Cacoo diagrams, and online web pages.

To learn more about wiki, check out the Backlog Wiki Guide.

In Backlog, wiki pages can be tagged, so you can categorize pages and retrieve them conveniently. Whenever a wiki page is updated, project members can be alerted via email notifications. In addition, different versions of the wiki page can be accessed via its history, and you can compare them to see what’s been added or deleted, and restore older versions.

Wiki examples

Wikis are highly adaptable and can be used for anything from project documentation, meeting notes, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), guides, etc.

To help you create your own wiki pages, wiki templates are available in the project for your reference.

Wiki Home

Select Wiki at the project sidebar menu to go to the wiki Home page. This page is the top wiki page. It provides a useful guide on Backlog wiki functions and text formatting. 

Did you know?

  • The wiki Home page’s name cannot be changed, and the page cannot be tagged.
  • You can edit the content of the wiki Home page by clicking on Edit.
  • The wiki Home page cannot be deleted. Deleting will remove the current wiki Home page and a new one will be automatically created.
  • If the member or guest has been further restricted to “Add issues only” or “View only,” they are able to view wiki but unable to edit its contents. 

Wiki sidebar

The wiki sidebar shows the Search Wiki function, page Tags, Page Lists, and the current page’s Table of contents

The Tags section shows the tags used for all the wiki pages, as well as the total number of tags. 

The Page Lists section shows all the wiki page names in alphabetical order, and the total number of pages. 

Useful tip!

  • To have a wider view of the wiki page, close the sidebar by clicking on the sidebar icon. To open the sidebar, click on the icon again.
  • Click on the arrows beside Tags and Page Lists to toggle their displays.
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