Issue key

When an issue is registered in the project, an issue key (unique identifier) will be automatically generated for the issue. The issue key will be generated based on the project key followed by a number. For example, [ProjectKey]-001. The number indicates the number of issues created in the project. 

Did you know?

If the project key has changed, it will affect the issue key, and the previous pasted or shared issue keys will no longer work as a link. 

How to copy issue key

To copy the issue key, click on the clipboard icon, and it will copy the issue key and the issue subject. Hold shift + click the clipboard icon to copy only the issue key.

You can find the issue key copy function on the registered issue page and other pages, such as the issue dashboard page and board page.

Usage of the issue key

If an issue key has been copied and shared, clicking on the issue key will direct you to the respective issue. 

Link to the related issues

You can share and link the issue key from one issue to another or to a different project by pasting the issue in the issue subject, description, or in the comment section. 

This helps in eliminating the need to duplicate the issue contents. 

Did you know?

If the issue key has been linked to another issue in another project, the member must have access to the project to view the linked issue. 

Act as a reference in Wiki page

The issue key can be shared on the Wiki page for easy reference back to the related issue. 

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