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Notification helps you alert a member if you wish to bring an update, task, or action to their attention. In addition, you will be notified automatically when a task is assigned to you or you are added to a new project in Backlog.

In Backlog, there is an in-app notification and email notification. If you have turned on the “Receive email” function in the personal settings, you will receive notifications about the project’s update besides in-app notifications. 

To learn more about email notification settings, refer to the Manage email notifications support article.

How to notify a member

Via mention function

While updating your issue or comment, you can easily notify the member or team with the mention function.

To notify a member or a team:

  1. Go to the issue description or comment section and enter @ (alias) followed by the member’s User Name or Team’s name in the text box.
    [eg: Hello @username / Dev team]
  2. While entering @, a members’ dropdown list will prompt. You can select the member from the list or continue entering the member’s User Name, and the members’ list will be filtered based on the keyword.

Useful tip!

  • User Name is used for the @mention function to notify a specific member. We recommend updating your User Name to your name or something similar, as this helps other members to look for your name. 
    - For Nulab Account users, you can edit your User Name on your Nulab Account Profile page.
    - For Backlog Legacy Space users, it is called Nickname set in your Personal Settings.
  • Types of mention:
    • @ Members (User Name or Nickname)
      To notify an individual member. 
    • @ Participants
      Refers to the members that have been previously notified or work within the task. 
    • @ Teams
      You can find teams at the end of the member’s dropdown list (ordered by members, followed by the teams).
      After a team is mentioned, all the member’s profile icons within the team will be displayed.
  • Mention list sorting:
    • Members will be sorted alphabetically.
    • Members will also be sorted based on the task's recent assignee, recent commenter, or issue creator.
    • Teams will be sorted alphabetically.

Did you know?

  • If a mention is followed with a User Name that does not exist within the Backlog space, the notify function will not activate and will display as normal text.
  • If a mention is inputted as quoted text, it will be treated as normal text, and the mention function will not be activated. Meaning, you are unable to notify members in a text quote format. 

Via notify function

You can locate a “Notify” field when registering an issue or in the comment section. The notify field works similarly to a “Cc” function in the email, which helps keep other members or teams in the loop about the updates.
To notify members or teams, click the notify field, and a members’ list will prompt. Select the member or teams that you wish to notify. 

If you have posted a comment and wanted to notify the comment to additional members or teams, you can go to the comment > select more (...) button > Notify comment to, and the notify field will prompt.

Notified members

If you notify members or teams of an issue or comment, the profile icons of notified members will be displayed in the comment section.

Once the notified members read the comment or updates, there will be a check symbol displayed on the notified member’s profile icon.

Useful tip!

  • Hovering over the mentioned member will display the user profile and name.
  • If you click on the mentioned members, it will redirect to the member’s activity page. 

Did you know?

If the member reads the notification via email, the profile icon in the comment section will not be checked.

Checking in-app notification

By default, you will receive a Backlog in-app notification when a member: 

  • Notifies you in a comment.
  • Notifies you about the issue while creating the issue.
  • Adds you to a project.
  • Assigns an issue to you. 

To check on the notifications you received in Backlog, click on the notification icon on the global navigation. A list of notification summaries will display. Clicking on the associated notification will redirect you to the designated page. 

The notification background will indicate the status of the notification. 

  1. Yellow: New notification
  2. Grey: Notification read. 
  3. White: Notification has not been read or checked.

Besides that, you can also filter your notification view by user or by Unread only

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