Backlog user roles and restrictions

The organization administrator can manage different user privileges and restrictions at the Organization level and Backlog application level.

Type of user roles (Organization Settings)

As an administrator, you can manage user roles at the Organization Settings level. Besides managing user roles, you can assign additional privileges to “Administrator” and “Member” roles. 

Here is the overview of the general user roles without additional privileges or restrictions.


Manage all Backlog and Organization settings except plans and billing matters. You can also add, edit, and delete users and teams.
*Can be assigned additional privileges: “Set as a Plan Admin.”


Have access to invited projects, issues, wikis, files, repositories, etc., in Backlog. You can also access the Organization Settings page to view the organization members list and the team(s) you belong to and create a new team. 

*Can be assigned additional privileges: “Can invite members” or/and “set as a Plan Admin.”
*Can be assigned as a Project Administrator.


Have access to invited projects, issues, wikis, files, repositories, etc., in Backlog. Do not have access to the organization settings and can only view your own account details.
*Cannot be assigned any additional privileges. 

Additional privileges

Set as a Plan Admin
*Administrator / Member 

Additional privilege to manage plans, billing matters, and delete the organization. You can also grant other Administrators or members the Plan Admin privilege. 

Can invite members

Additional privilege to invite new users to the organization and grant other general members the “Can invite members” privilege. 

*roles that can be assigned additional privileges. 

To learn more about the user roles and the operation permissions for each role in the Organization Settings, refer to the User roles and privileges support article. 

Project Administrator and user restrictions (Backlog settings)

In Backlog, besides further managing user restrictions in the Space Settings, the administrator can appoint a member to become a Project Administrator in a specific project.

Project Administrator privilege (Project settings)

A Project Administrator has additional privileges compared to a member of a Project. They can access and manage project settings without having access to the Space Settings. In some organizations, the administrator will assign a project manager, team lead, or department head as a Project Administrator. 

Here is the overview of the Project Administrator roles.

Project Administrator

Additional privilege to manage specific projects includes accessing and managing the project settings and inviting members to the project. 

*Only member roles can be assigned with the Project Administrator privilege. 

User permissions and restrictions (Space settings)

In Backlog, user restrictions can only be applied to Member and Guest roles. The administrator can further manage the user restrictions to “Add issue only” or “View only” on the Backlog Space settings. 

To learn more about setting user restrictions, refer to the Manage users and teams settings support article. 

Below is the overview of user roles and their permissions.

*Project administrator can only assign another member as a project administrator and manage them when the administrator has enabled “Allow project administrators to manage each other” in the Project Settings > General settings page.

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