How to update your Free plan

We updated our Free plan to include unlimited members, video chat, and more. 

Accounts registered before November 27, 2019 are part of our Legacy Free plan, which can be updated in a few steps. Compare features before permanently updating your plan.

Features Legacy Free plan Updated Free plan
Number of users/members 1 Unlimited
Sheets 6
Shared folders 1
Collaborators per shared folder 3 Unlimited
Private diagram collaborators  15 collaborators/diagram Unavailable
Personal space Yes Unavailable
Video chat Unavailable Up to 3 members/chat
Diagram exports PNG only
File imports PNG, SVG, and Visio (.vsd and .vdx)
File uploads Up to 500KB
Version history Unavailable

If you choose to update, we’ll automatically create an organization once the update is complete so you can use all Nulab apps including Cacoo.

To update your Legacy Free plan:

  • Open Cacoo.
  • Select your profile icon in the top navigation.
  • Select “Update your Free plan.”
  • Review the dialog.
  • Select “Update now.”

Once the update’s complete, all your owned diagrams are migrated to your new organization. Sharing settings aren’t migrated, so existing collaborators need to be reinvited to your organization to regain access to shared diagrams and folders. To regain access to diagrams and folders shared with you, ask the owners to reshare them via public link.

You can also upgrade to our Pro or Team plan but won’t be able to go back to the Legacy Free plan later.

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