How to delete your account in Cacoo

When you delete your account, your diagrams remain part of your organization except for: 

  • Pro plan members, who need to delete their organization to delete their account.
  • Legacy Plus or Legacy Free plan users. Deleting an account deletes all diagrams and cancels the plan.

To delete your account:

  • Select your profile icon in the top navigation.
  • Select “Cacoo settings.”
  • Select “Edit profile” under “Profile details.”
  • On the “Account” tab, select “Delete my account” at the bottom of the screen.

If you’re unable to delete your account, it may be because you’re:

  • The only admin or plan admin in your organization. Assign another member to your role so that you can delete your account.
  • The only member of your organization. Delete your organization to delete your account.
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