Cacoo 101: Security settings

Folder and diagram security settings are managed by admins and apply to all diagrams and folders within an organization. These settings override any individual diagram or folder settings.

Organization security settings include:

  • Sharing: For sharing diagrams, creating shared folders, and public sharing.
  • Integrations: For sharing, exporting, and accessing diagrams via third-party apps.
  • Folders: For individual folder settings.

To access your organization security settings:

  • Select your profile icon in the top navigation.
  • Select “Cacoo settings.”
  • Select the “Security” tab on the left side of the screen.

Sharing settings

The sharing settings allow you to manage who can:

  • Share diagrams via public link and whether that link allows edit or view-only access.
  • Create share folders.
  • Manage public sharing in shared folders they own. 

Integrations settings

The integrations settings allow you to manage whether members can:

  • Share diagrams via Google Drive
  • Export diagrams to third-party apps
  • Access diagrams via third-party apps

Folder settings

Depending on your role, public sharing and integrations settings can also be managed in folder permissions.

Admins and folder owners can change any permissions except those set in organization settings. Folder owners can’t change the public link setting if they’re not an admin. Folder editors can only view permissions set by admins and folder owners.

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