Organization security permission settings

The administrator can manage the diagram sharing functions from the organization’s security permissions page to enable or disable sharing of diagrams with non-organization users. These security settings will be set and enforced to all the diagrams and folders within the organization in Cacoo. 

Did you know?

  • The organization’s security permissions will supersede the individual diagram and folder settings. 
  • Only administrators can manage the organization’s security permissions.

Organization security permissions

To manage the security permissions: 

  1. Click on the Organization icon from the global navigation and select Settings
  2. Select Security from the left menu, and enable or disable the permissions. 

About each security permission

This section will explain each security permission and how it affects the sharing of diagrams in Cacoo.

Diagram sharing options

Enabling “Organization members can create diagram links that allow anyone to edit/view” allows members to enable the public sharing link at the individual diagram and share the diagram with non-organization users. 

You can further restrict the sharing permission to “edit” or “view only” by selecting from the drop-down menu. The differences between the permissions are: 

  • Edit - Members will be able to select “edit” and “view only” when enabling the “Public link” of the diagrams.
  • View only - Members will be able to select “view only” when enabling the “Public link” of the diagrams.

Share diagrams via Google Drive integration

Enabling ”Organization members can share diagrams via Google Drive integration” allows the organization members to share and export diagrams to Google Drive, which is connected to each account. 

Allow access diagrams via third-party apps

Enabling “Organization members can allow access to diagrams via third party apps” lets members allow third-party apps (e.g.: your own apps) to access the diagram information using Cacoo API.

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