Managing shared folder access

Managing shared folder access on the Free or Team plan

In Cacoo Free plan, you can create 1 shared folder and an unlimited shared folder for Team plan. You can easily make any shared folder collaborative by simply add collaborators to access it and manage theirs access within the shared folder.

Managing shared folder access with user roles

Here’s what a folder’s settings page will look like with no members. It will only show the folder creator as the “Owner.” The folder creator can add other users as owner or other folder roles.

Once other members have been added to access the folder, folder owner will be able to change the user privilege of any collaborator by clicking the downward arrow next to their user privileges.

To learn more about the folder roles and its privileges, please refer to Sharing diagrams, shapes and templates through folders article, Folder roles section.

Managing diagram access to people outside the organization

Folder administrators can manage the diagram sharing permissions for all diagrams in a folder in the folder settings page.

Click the Permissions next to Collaborators in the Share setting pop-up dialog.

Switching any of these settings on or off will affect all diagrams access permissions within the folder.

Managing folder access on the legacy Plus plan

Make any folder collaborative by simply inviting collaborators to access it. Refer to Adding and managing shared folder members article to learn about adding folder members.

You can only manage access to folders that you own, not folders that you were invited to collaborate in.

Click the more settings icon next to the folder and select Share. A collaborators dialog will pop-up and you can perform change owner or remove a collaborator.

To change folder owner, hover over your name, click Change Owner and select a member that you wish to assigned them as the folder owner. Select Change to apply the changes. 

To remove a collaborator access to the shared folder, hover over to the member's name and select x Remove. 

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