Locating your diagrams

You can locate created diagrams from your Cacoo dashboard page. 

On the sidebar, you can easily access all the diagrams from: 

  • Home folder
    You can locate your newly created diagram here. When creating a new diagram without selecting any private or shared folder, your new diagram will be automatically saved in your Home folder.
  • Private folders
    You can organize your personal or non-shareable diagrams in the private folders.

  • Shared folders
    Diagrams can be saved here if you are in the Team plan and wish to collaborate further with your organization members. You can add members to your shared folders so they can start to create a diagram and save it in the shared folder. Only invited folder members will have access to the shared folder diagrams. 

Did you know?

Shared folders feature will vary based on a different plan. You can compare the plan feature from the pricing page.
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