How to add comments in Cacoo

Collaborate on projects and share ideas and feedback with comments.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to:

  • Add comments
  • Tag others in comments
  • Add emojis to comments
  • Show/hide comments
  • Filter comments
  • Share comment links
  • Delete comments

Add comments

There are two ways to add a comment to a diagram:

  • Select the “Comment” icon in the toolbar, and then click in the diagram where you want to add the comment.
  • Or, right-click in the diagram and select “Comment” from the menu.
  • Type your comment, and press “Enter.”

To open a comment, click on the green comment icon in the diagram.

Tag others in comments

Team plan members can tag other collaborators in their comments by using “@” in the comment window to open a list of collaborators. Select the name you want to mention and continue typing your comment. To tag all folder collaborators, use “@all.”

Add emojis to comments

There are two ways to add emojis to a comment:

  1. Click on the emoji icon in the comment window.
  2. Type the emoji name with a colon (:) on either side (e.g., :smile:).

Show/hide comments

To show/hide comments:

  • Click on the “Comment” icon in the toolbar to open the side panel.
  • Select or deselect “Show comments.”

You can also choose to show/hide resolved comments in the same panel.

Filter comments

To view all comments or just those that mention you, click on the “All” or “Mention” tab in the side panel. Click on a comment to navigate to it in the diagram. When a new comment or mention is added, you’ll see a red dot on the “Comments” icon in the panel menu and on the “All” and/or “Mention” tabs.

Share comment links

To share the link to a comment:

  • Select the comment.
  • Click the link icon in the top-right corner of the comment window.
  • Paste the link to share.

Delete comments

To delete a comment:

  • Select the comment to open the comment window.
  • Hover over the text.
  • Click the trash can icon.
  • Confirm the deletion.
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