How to video chat in Cacoo

Connect and collaborate with in-diagram video chat. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to:

  • Start or join a video chat
  • Manage video chat settings
  • Share your screen

Video chat is available with Free and paid plans except Legacy Free and Legacy Plus. Free plans allow up to three participants in video chat and paid plans allow up to five.

Start or join a video chat

To start or join a video chat:

  • Select the “Video” icon in the panel menu.
  • Select“Join video chat.”
  • In the dialog window, review your microphone and camera settings.
  • Select “Join.”

Before joining a video chat, you can see the number of participants and their names in the side panel. If the “Join video chat” button is disabled, you’ve reached the maximum number of participants allowed with your plan.

If your diagram has the public link setting enabled, anyone with the link can access the diagram and join an active video chat.

Manage video chat settings

During an active video chat, the side panel will show a preview screen where you can:

  • Turn your mic on/off
  • Turn your camera on/off
  • Manage your microphone and camera settings
  • Leave the video chat

It will also show the other participants in the chat including their camera view or icon, microphone status, and their name (if you hover over their preview).

Share your screen

Share your screen during a video chat by clicking on the “Start screen sharing” button at the bottom of your screen.

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