Import images and screenshots

In Cacoo, you can insert images into your diagrams in various ways. Besides inserting images from your local drive or other supported cloud applications, you can also easily attach a screenshot from a webpage by entering the page URL.

Did you know?

Cacoo supports PNG, GIF, JPEG, and SVG image file types.

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Import images from local drive

You can quickly insert your images from your local drive by:

  • drag and drop the images into the diagram
  • simply copy the image (Ctrl + C or Command ⌘ + C) and paste (Ctrl + V or Command ⌘ + V) them on the diagram
  • insert from the tool menu

Insert from the tool menu

To insert images from the tool menu, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Import icon > Image File.
  2. A dialog box will prompt you to select the file(s) from your local device. Select the image(s) that you wish to attach.

Useful tip!

You can select multiple images by pressing the Ctrl or Command ⌘ key while selecting multiple images from your local drive. 

When inserting multiple images, a confirmation dialog will prompt with the selection below. Select your preference and click the OK button to insert images. 

  • Insert all files into the current sheet
    All image files will be inserted into the current sheet. 
  • Insert each file into separate sheets
    Each image will be inserted into separate sheets of the diagram. Each sheet will be named according to each image file name. 

Import from other cloud applications

Besides importing images from your local drive, Cacoo has integrations with other cloud applications that allow you to import images.

You can easily import your image(s) from:

Import website screenshot

Besides importing images to your diagram, you can also easily insert a screenshot of a website by using the website URL. 

To import the website’s screenshot via its URL, 

  1. Select Import icon > URL Screenshot
  2. A URL Screenshot dialog will prompt. Enter the website URL that you wish to insert as a screenshot and select the OK button.

Did you know?

When inserting the website’s screenshot with the URL Screenshot function, the website must be a publicly viewable page. If the specific website has view restrictions (e.g., an internal webpage that is only accessible via an internal network), it cannot be inserted correctly. 

Crop image

You can crop the image by the following steps:

  1. Select the image and click More icon ⋮ on the editor menu, or
    Right-click on the image, and select Crop image, or
    Double click on the image.
  2. Use the cursor to drag and draw a new cropping area.


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