Create table

You can access the Table tool from the main menu on the left-hand side.

Clicking the Table tool icon will open a grid that demonstrates the number of rows and columns your table will have. You can use the counter on the bottom of the grid to see how many columns and rows you’re selecting. 

After finalizing the number of columns and rows, a table will be generated on the target sheet. 

Table Properties

    1. Move
      Drag and move the table.

    2. Resize
      Drag the grid to adjust the table size.

    3. Cells
      Double-click within a cell to add text. 

    4. Editor Menu
      When the table is selected, you can edit the table by adding a new row or column, filling the color, add line style, shadow, text style, link, stack order and more.

    5. Row or Column selection
      When the top area (column) or the left area (row) is selected, you can modify the column or row at the editor menu (4). You can also select and drag the column or row, left/right or up/down to move them to another position in the table.

    6. Insert Column / Row
      When hovering over the small dot, a "+" icon will appear. Click the "+" icon to insert a column (to the left or right) or row (to the top or bottom) on the selected row / column.

    7. Merge
      When multiple cells are selected as a rectangular area, they can be merged into a single cell via the merge button in the menu. Merged cells can be unmerged with the same button.

Useful tip!

The add row or column function at the editor menu (4) will directly add a row or column at the end of each row or column. Meanwhile, the insert row or column function (6) will insert a row or column beside the selected cell.
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