How to access organization and personal spaces in Cacoo

Legacy Team and Legacy Education plan members with accounts created before November 27, 2019 have access to two spaces in Cacoo: organization and personal. 

The organization space is where you collaborate with other members, while your personal space is where you can work independently. 

Diagrams in your organization space are:

  • Managed by organization admins.
  • Only shareable with other members unless the public link setting is turned on.
  • Subject to deletion and change in ownership, or moved to another folder by the diagram owner or an admin. 
  • Permanently part of the organization unless archived.

Diagrams in your personal space: 

  • Can only be managed by you.
  • Can be shared with anyone via email or public link.
  • Stay in this space unless archived.

To switch spaces:

  • Depending on which space you’re in, select your name or the organization name in the global navigation.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the space you want to switch to.

To check your settings:

  • Select your name or the organization name in the global navigation.
  • Select “Cacoo settings” from the dropdown menu.


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