Cacoo 101: The dashboard

The dashboard is your home base for Cacoo and where you’ll land any time you log in. From here, you can create, manage, and search for diagrams.

In this overview, we’ll go over the main areas of the dashboard:

  1. Global navigation: At the top of the screen
  2. Sidebar: On the left side of the screen
  3. Current view: In the middle of the screen

Global navigation

Located at the top of the screen, the global navigation is where you can:

  • Invite members (admins only)
  • See diagram notifications
  • Access live chat, tutorials, and support content
  • Access your profile and settings
  • Navigate between your organizations and Nulab products


From the sidebar, on the left side of the screen, you can quickly:

  • Create a diagram
  • Search for and use a template

You can also navigate between:

  • All diagrams: All diagrams, based on the folders you have access to, in order of most recently updated.
  • Recently viewed: Your most recently viewed diagrams in order of last viewed.
  •  My diagrams: Diagrams created by you in order of most recently updated.
  • Favorite: Diagrams you’ve favorited in order of most recent.
  • Archive: Diagrams you’ve archived in order of most recent.

And create, search, view, and manage private and shared folders.

  • To add a folder, select the + icon next to the private or shared folder header.
  • To pin a folder to the top of the list, hover over the folder and select the pin icon on the left.
  • To move a folder, drag and drop it to the private or shared folders section.
  • To manage a folder, hover over the folder and select the three dots on the right.

Current view

Your current view, in the middle of the screen, changes as you navigate through the sections in the sidebar. For example, if you select “Recently viewed,” you’ll see your most recently viewed diagrams. Within the current view, you can also:

  • Search for diagrams using keywords.
  • Filter diagrams based on the owner, title, location, or when they were modified.
  • Switch between thumbnail and list view.

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