Restart subscription

You can restart your previously suspended plan. To do so, on the Organization Plan page: 

  1. Select Change plan or Start subscription.
    Change plan: perform a plan change while restarting your subscription
    Start subscription: restart the subscription with your current suspended plan.

  2. It will redirect you to a page to confirm restarting your subscription.
    - When performing Change plan, select the new plan > Next > confirm plan and Start Subscription to restart with the new plan.
    - When performing Start subscription, select Restart to reactivate your plan. 

Do you know?

  • If your contract has been terminated or suspended, your organization data will be deleted according to the Nulab Service Supplemental Terms regarding Privacy and Security. You can only restart the subscription before the date of data removal by Nulab.
  • If the current contract is on-going (has not yet expired), choosing to start subscription will not impose any charges. It only restarts the recurring payment function or allows you to Change Plan.
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