How to change your plan

You can change your Nulab Pass plan by adding or removing members based on your organization’s needs.

If you add members, the cost is prorated and charged the same day you change your plan. If you remove members, the new price takes effect during your next billing cycle (monthly or annually).

To add or remove members to your plan:

  • Go to your organization settings.
  • Select the “Billing” tab at the top.
  • Select “Change plan” under your current plans.

  • Select the new plan and the desired number of members.
  • Select “Next.”

  • Confirm your new plan.
  • Select “Change plan.”

If you remove members and the new number is fewer than your organization’s current number of Managed Accounts, an alert is displayed and an email sent to the plan admin. 

Until the number of Managed Accounts in your organization is reduced to the same or less than the number of members in your new plan, you won’t be able to:

  • Create or edit Managed Accounts
  • Change an account type
  • Manage SAML settings
  • Download audit logs
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