Domain verification

When you verify your organization domain, you ensure that the user accounts with the verified domain can be added as or migrated to Managed Account. Your organization’s domain is the URL that comes after the @ symbol of your users’ email addresses. 

Verifying domains provides you with a few benefits: 

  • Administrators can add the user accounts with the verified domain to Managed Account and have more control over them, including editing the user’s account details or deleting their accounts. 
  • With Managed Account, the user can log in to the organization with SAML single sign-on by authenticating through the organization’s IdP. It also allows the administrator to manage access control over the user groups on the identity provider.

Refer to the Managed Account article to learn more about Managed Accounts and how they compare to Nulab Accounts.  

Domain verification overview

From the diagram above, we use “Example Global” as the organization, and it owns the “” and “” domains. After the organization verifies both domains, the users with the verified domains can be migrated to or added as Managed Accounts by the administrator. 

Once the user accounts have changed to Managed Accounts, they can log in to the Example organization and access other Nulab products with SAML single sign-on. For the rest of the users with other domains, the administrator can still invite them to join the Example organization with Nulab Account. Nulab Account users can only log in with the Nulab Account email and password created by the users, and they can manage their own accounts. 

Do you know?

Once the domain is verified, the users with the verified domains will not be automatically changed to Managed Accounts. The administrator can choose to change any of the users with a verified domain to a Managed Account. 

Verifying your domain

Administrators can verify an organization domain or multiple domains over DNS on the Organization Settings page. Follow the steps below to get started. 

  1. Go to Organization Settings > Organization tab > Domains
  2. Copy the verification code from the 1st section and set the verification code on the DNS for the targeted domain verification.
    *Verification code will be issued when you start the Nulab Pass trial. 
  3. Enter the domain to be verified in the 2nd section and select the Verify button.
  4. Once the verification succeeds, the verified domains will be listed on the page. 

Do you know?

  • If changes have been made to the DNS records, it may take up to 72 hours to apply them. Therefore the domain verification will take a longer period to complete.
  • If the verification fails, please wait for a while and retry. 
  • To maintain the verification, do not delete the DNS records after the verification is complete. 
  • Multiple domains can be verified per space. 
  • The same domain can be verified across different spaces. 
  • Once the domain is verified, it will not automatically change your user accounts to Managed Accounts. The administrator must add the Managed Accounts or migrate Nulab Accounts to Managed Accounts on the Members settings page. 

To learn more about how to add and migrate user accounts, refer to the Create and edit Managed Accounts and Migrate Nulab Account to Managed Account articles. 

Domain verification checks

Domain verification is required to use Nulab Pass services. Following are the scenarios that require domain verification:

  • Add/create a Managed Account
  • Edit Managed Account (user email)
  • When performing migration on an existing Nulab Account to Managed Account
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