Nulab 101: Audit logs

Audit logs, available with Nulab Pass, are a way for organizations to track activity within their Nulab products.

In this overview, we’ll go over:

  • Audit log access
  • Audit log files

Audit log access

Audit logs are accessible to admins or members with audit log admin privileges. 

  • At least one admin account with audit log admin privileges must be maintained within an organization.
  • The admin who signs up for Nulab Pass is automatically given audit log admin privileges.
  • Anyone with audit log admin privileges can assign the privilege to other members.

Audit log admin privileges are removed when your Nulab Pass plan ends. If the plan is restarted within 30 days, the privilege is automatically reactivated for previously assigned members. If the plan is restarted after more than 30 days, the admin with audit log admin privileges needs to reassign the privilege to others.

Audit log files

Each audit log contains the following information:

Details Description
id Unique ID
space_key Organization space key
product Product name1
date Event date (UTC)
category Event category
event Event name
action Event description
operation_user_id ID of user who performed the action2
operation_user_name Name of user who performed the action3
operation_user_email Email of user who performed the action2
ip_address IP address of user who performed the action2
user_agent User agent who performed the action2
version Version of audit log file4

1 Organization-related information, such as member management or billing, is recorded as “Apps.”
2 Value left blank if action is performed by Nulab Support or system operations (e.g., start Nulab Pass trial).
3 Value is “Nulab Support” if action (e.g., start Nulab Pass trial) is performed by Nulab team. Value is “System user” if action is part of or triggered by system operations.
4 Default version is “V1” unless the audit log file format is changed by Nulab.

Audit logs track activity as soon as your Nulab Pass trial or plan starts. Files are automatically deleted:

  • 13 months after their creation
  • 30 days after the organization is deleted
  • 30 days after the Nulab Pass trial or plan ends

To save audit logs before they’re deleted, files can be downloaded or exported as a compressed CSV file.

An export of the current month’s log is saved as auditlog-{YYYYMMDD}-{YYYYMMDD}-{product}

Downloads of past months’ logs are saved as auditlog-{YYYYMM}-{product}

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