Audit log settings and file

With Nulab Pass, you can use the audit log feature and download the log reports. 

Users that can access audit log

To access audit log or download audit log reports in your organization, you must at least be an admin or member role and have the “Audit Log Admin” privilege.

Audit Log Admin rules

  • The first “Audit Log Admin” privilege will be assigned to the administrator (with Plan Admin privilege) who applies for the Nulab Pass plan. 
  • Only users with the “Audit Log Admin” privilege can assign the “Audit Log Admin” privilege to others. 
  • At least one admin account with “Audit Log Admin” must be maintained in the organization.
  • “Audit Log Admin” privilege will be removed when the Nulab Pass contract ends. The privilege will be re-activated for the previously assigned users if the subscription is restarted within 30 days from the contract end date.
    If the subscription is restarted after 30 days from the contract end date, the plan admin with the “Audit Log Admin” privilege will need to re-assign the privilege to the relevant users.

Audit log file and format

Audit logs keep track of all activities in Nulab products within the organization. These reports can be downloaded or exported to a CSV file compressed in zip format.

The audit log files will be named differently based on whether they’re exported or downloaded. 

  • Via export function (current month audit log)
    File name: auditlog-{YYYYMMDD}-{YYYYMMDD}-{product}
  • Via download function (past month audit log)
    File name: auditlog-{YYYYMM}-{product}

Audit log retaining period

When Nulab Pass is started (trial/paid subscription), the audit log starts recording events in your organization. The audit logs are kept for up to 13 months and will be deleted when it meets any of the criteria below: 

  • 13 months after the month of creation
  • 30 days after the organization is deleted.
  • 30 days after the Nulab Pass subscription or trial has expired.  

To save the audit log reports before they’re deleted, you can export or download the audit log from the Audit Log settings page.

Audit log details

The audit log includes the details below. 




Unique ID


Organization space key


*1 Product name (eg: Apps, Backlog, Cacoo, Typetalk)


Event date (UTC)


Event category


Event name


Event description


*3 User’s Nulab ID who performed the event


*2 User’s name who performed the event


*3 User’s email address who performed the event


*3 IP address of user who performed the event


*3 User agent that performed the event


*4 Audit log file version

*1 Any organization-related information, such as member management or billing matters, will be recorded as “Apps.”
*2 When the operation is performed by our Nulab team (e.g., start Nulab Pass trial), the value is “Nulab Support.” 
If the operation is part of the system operations or system operations triggered by other events, the value is “System User.” 
*3 The value is blank when the operation is performed by Nulab Support or system operations  (e.g., start Nulab Pass trial).
*4 By default, the audit log version will be “V1” unless Nulab changes the audit log file format. 

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