Timer widget

Facilitating meetings and keeping track of time in Cacoo just got easier with the timer feature. 

Set Timer

Anyone with editing access to the diagram can initiate the timer. Click on the timer button, and the first person to hit play will become the facilitator controlling the timer until it's stopped. Once the timer is running, both the timer button and the widget are locked and only the facilitator has control. The timer comes equipped with sound effects for start, countdown, and when time's up.

Facilitator View

The facilitator can start the timer and assume control until it's stopped by clicking on the timer button. The facilitator's avatar is displayed in the widget, along with the running timer.

Attendee View

Attendees see the timer feature as a small widget that opens when the facilitator initiates the timer. The widget displays the facilitator's avatar and the ongoing timer.


By integrating the timer feature into your collaborative sessions in Cacoo, you can enhance productivity and ensure that discussions remain focused and efficient. 

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