Nulab 101: User Provisioning

User provisioning is the process of automatically synchronizing user information between Nulab Apps and an Identity Provider (IdP). The IdP stores and manages user authentication data, such as usernames, and permissions. User provisioning detects any additions, changes, or deletions made in the IdP and automatically reflects these updates in the user information within Nulab Apps.

Accounts eligible for user provisioning

User provisioning in Nulab Apps

To enable or disable user provisioning from your Nulab Apps profile, click your profile icon then navigate to Organization Settings > Access Management > User Provisioning.

Please note that the settings for SAML authentication must also be enabled in order to enable user provisioning.

Click the Manage button to and check Enable to generate a SCIM token and URL

Review organization members

On the User provisioning tab, click the Review existing accounts link to review which organization members have an active account, and which type of account (Managed or Provision Managed) they have.


The administrator cannot delete or change the role of the token issuing member until a different token issuer has been assigned. Only members with admin roles can be set as token issuers.

Edit member account information

The administrator can edit account data for active and inactive provisioned accounts. However, any changes will be overwritten by the IdP after the synchronization.

Only the following account fields will be synchronized:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Language
  • Unique ID
  • Role
  • Active/Inactive

Managing active vs. inactive accounts

Using user provisioning, accounts can be deactivated or reactivated at any time through the IdP. However, deactivated accounts cannot log in or use Nulab services. 

Click on the Members tab in your Organization Settings to see whether an account is activated or not.

Please note that inactive accounts will not count towards the number of licenses purchased for a specific product. (Cacoo, Typetalk, Pass).

Supported IdPs

  • Microsoft Entra ID
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