Send invoices and receipts to external users

Invoices and receipts can now be sent to any email address.

In the past, invoices and receipts were sent to the contract administrator. Users can now send invoices and receipts directly to the actual accountant or to an external service.

Who can use this feature and which payment methods are eligible


  • Plan Admin

Note: Only the plan admin can view and update the information.

Payment Method

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Trial

Useful tip!

This feature is not available for organizations under free plans or other payment methods not listed below.

What can be sent for each payment method

Either invoices or receipts can be sent depending on the payment method.

Bank transfer

  • Invoices
  • Receipts

Credit card

  • Receipts

Useful tip!

Credit card invoices can be selected on the screen but not sent.

Screen Description


  • Add email
    • Add up to 5 additional email addresses to which invoices and receipts are sent (both are selected by default).
  • X button
    • Delete your email address
  • i button
    • Displays a link to help
  • Manage
    • Redirects to the manage tab


Select “Update” to save changes in this panel.

  • Add email
    • Add to 5 additional email addresses to which invoices and receipts are sent
      • Default is to send both invoices and receipts
  • Check box
    • Select and send invoices and/or receipts 
  • X button
    • Delete your email address
  • Back button
    • Go to back to the Plan panel
  • Update
    • Save changes

Sending invoices to external users makes using and subscribing to Nulab products easier.

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