Export to PDF with the font types used in the diagram

You can export a Cacoo diagram to a PDF format with the font types that were used in a diagram by using the export to PDF or Print to PDF function. 

Exporting a diagram with supported fonts

The export to PDF function allows you to export a PDF of your Cacoo diagram with supported font types.

  1. The following list of fonts are supported by the “Export to PDF” function. You can install them on your PC for use in your Cacoo diagram.
  2. After the installation, you can find the font type in the Cacoo editor menu. Select the font from the text editor menu.
  3. To export the diagram to PDF with the supported fonts, use the “Export to PDF” function.

Did you know?

The “Export to PDF” function only supports the list of locally installed fonts above. If you are using other font types, please use the Print to PDF function below. It can export as a PDF all the font types used in the diagram, including locally installed fonts on your PC.

Exporting by using the “Print to PDF” function

To export your diagram to a PDF with any font types used in the diagram, you can export via “Print to PDF” function with the steps below. 

  1. Select Export on the top navigation and select Print.
  2. Change the print settings if you need, and then click the OK button.
  3. Save the diagram as PDF by following the instruction of your OS or browser.

    (Google Chrome - any OS)
    Choose "Save as PDF" for the destination option on the print dialog.

    (Windows 10 - any browsers)
    Choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" as a printer on the print dialog.

    (Mac - any browsers)
    Choose "Save as PDF" on the PDF pop-up menu on the print dialog.
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