View organization information

Information about your organization can be found in the Manage Organization section.

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the lower left corner of Typetalk.
  2. Click on the Profile and Permissions in the "Organization" section.

Did you know?

Administrators and members role can access and view the organization information.

Definition of the terms


This is the current contracted plan for the organization. Click the link to see the details of your contract. If you are the plan administrator, you can change the plan, stop recurring billing, etc.

Space Key

A key that uniquely identifies your organization. When you make an inquiry, you can copy the space key and send it to us.

Number of users

This is the number of users who are currently activated to use Typetalk in your organization. If you are an administrator, you can activate and deactivate users from the Members tab.

Total attachment size

This is the total size of files uploaded to Typetalk for your organization,  including files in topics and direct messages.


To enable or disable the attachments function in messages. Only administrators can manage this setting.


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