Enable outgoing webhook to integrate with other services

By using the Outgoing Webhook in Typetalk, you can send message events from Typetalk to the specified URL of a server. With this, you can integrate Typetalk with other services or applications you are using. Administrators and members can set up the Outgoing Webhook feature.

Enable Outgoing Webhook

Typetalk allows bots on a topic to do an Outgoing Webhook. You can enable Outgoing Webhook with the steps below:

  1. Click the Bots tab at a Topic’s settings page, and select or add a new bot for integration.
  2. In the bot’s settings, tick the "Use Outgoing Webhook" checkbox.
  3. Enter the URL of the server that accepts HTTP requests.
  4. Choose the type of events (mentions / all) to be sent via the Webhook. 


Set the URL address of the server starting with http or https.


Send POST data to the specified URL when a message is sent to the bot with @mention.


Send POST data to the specified URL every time a message is posted on the topic with the bot.

Outgoing Webhook formatting

See the Typetalk Developer API for information on request and response formats for interacting with Typetalk. You can also reply to Typetalk with a defined response to a request received from Typetalk.

Limit requests to receive Outgoing Webhooks

Public URLs can be accessed from all over the world. If you want to limit access only to Typetalk, you can do so by allowing only the source IP address of Typetalk.

For the latest list of source IP addresses, please refer to our support article on Source IP Addresses for Typetalk Outgoing Webhook.

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