Message formatting

Typetalk supports various formatting methods to make the messages you post easier to read.

Insert Quote

You can quote a message by inserting “>” at the beginning of each line in the message field. This is helpful when replying to a specific message or multiple questions, you can quote the message or questions to give a clearer context to your reply. See more details on how to quote a message.


> I will upload the documents for the meeting later.
I've uploaded the document to the following URL!

Insert source code

If you want to show the source code used in programming, enclose it with ``` (triple backticks). It is possible to display the message without wrapping and if the programming language supports source code syntax highlighting it will be displayed in the message too. 


const myHeading = document.querySelector('h1');
myHeading.textContent = 'Hello world!';

Useful tip!

You can insert source code by clicking on the “...” menu next to the message input field and select "Insert source code".

Emoji Syntax

Typetalk can use world-standard emojis. You can input an Emoji directly from your Typetalk App via your phone or input an Emoji name enclosed between two : (colons).


Let's proceed with this one :+1:

Useful tip!

You can insert an Emoji by clicking on the Emoji icon next to the message input field.

Link with title

If the link is too long, you can use the markdown link syntax [word/sentence](link) to add a URL link to a specific word or sentence. This formatting method is useful for bots or when linking to a URL, to make your messages clearer and easier to read.


[The API documentation]( has been updated.

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