Application for vulnerability assessment of Typetalk

If you would like to perform your own vulnerability assessment of Typetalk before a trial or subscription plan, please submit a request via our contact form in advance.

In case of unauthorized use, Typetalk access may be blocked in consideration of the impact on other users.

To apply, please provide the information below.

Note: We review and support vulnerability assessment applications as part of the user review process to assess our products before taking up a trial or subscription plan. Vulnerability assessments  not included in any bug bounty or reward program.  

Information required for application

  • Date and time, or period, of the assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment details (What type of assessment and scope? )
  • Protocol to use (HTTP only or other protocols as well?)
  • Bandwidth use during testing (e.g., 300 Mbps)
  • Contact information for the person in charge (company name, contact person’s name, and work email address)
  • Emergency contact information (contact person’s name, work email address, and phone number of contact person)

Application Confirmation Period

It will take at least two weeks to confirm the details of your application.

If the application details are unclear, it may take longer than two weeks.

Permitted scope of vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment is available only for web applications.

Please note that vulnerability assessment of OS and middleware is not allowed.

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