Security, privacy and outage policies

Server details

For security reasons, we do not publish the number or specifications of servers.

Security policy

We are committed to providing a secure environment for our customers.

We do not share your data with outside parties. Access to your data is limited to you and the users whom you've allowed access. The only exception would be certain emergency cases, such as giving your device to a repair specialist in order to resolve hardware issues.

We periodically backup your data to prevent data loss. 

We will delete your data immediately upon your request.

How we backup data

To recover data in case of server failure, we regularly do the following backup:

  • Daily - full database backup (14 generations of backups are stored)

Backups are stored on different servers and different mediums. Our procedure for restoring data from a backup is very reliable. Data from the backup is saved in a different data center from where the service is running.

In case of failure, we will resume the service with the backups.

How do we deal with server outages

Our servers are located in a data center with 24/7 surveillance and security. We will be notified immediately if there is an emergency. We have implemented a solid procedure for getting our servers back to normal.

Below is a flow of how we resolve issues after server failure is detected:

  • Data center initial responder to failure.
  • Data center and Backlog team work together to determine the cause and solution for the failure.

The time it takes to get things back to normal varies depending on the cause of the failure. We work diligently to recover the system as quickly as possible.

Privacy policy

Please refer to Nulab's Privacy Policy page.

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